How To Achieve Gradient Nails, A Picture Tutorial

Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Here is tonights mani!  Its a gradient mani.  The gradient effect is fading two or more colors together on the nail creating a colorful mani.  There are many video showing how to achieve this look.  Its very easy, fun but messy. 

I used:

1.  A makeup Sponge Wedge.  (These are the ones that look like triangles)
2.  China Glaze White on White ( My base color:  applying white will make neons brighter)
3.  China Glaze Sun Worshiper (Color near cuticles)
4.  China Glaze Japanese Koi (Middle color)
5.  China Glaze Pool Party (nail tip color)
6.  Stamping plate Pueen 31
7.  Stamping color Wet n Wild Black Crème.
8.  Nail Life Gripper Base Coat.
9.  Seche Vite Top Coat

Here is my mani:


1.  Start with your favorite Base Coat.
2.  Paint all your nails White.  Using white as a undie (base coat) helps neons appear more brighter.
3.  Take you makeup wedge and apply the three colors. 

4. Take the makeup wedge and dab it on your nail.  Pressing very lightly and you will see how the colors blend on your nails.  (For demonstrating purposes I didn't apply the white base here.  I just wanted to show you how to achieve a gradient effect.) 
5.  After you dab your sponge on the nail you should have a gradient effect like below.  I recommend you letting each coat dry and repeat the process until you have reach the desire effect.   Don't be alarm if you are left with an uneven look or maybe slightly rough look, because this will even out when you apply your top coat.

6.  Now you should apply a top coat.  This will help out smooth the nail, blend in the colors better and leave you with great base for your stamping. 

7.  After it dries you apply your stamping and finish off with your top coat! 

I hope you enjoyed my post and try it out too! 

Hasta Luego!


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