Van Volky: Using MoYou stamping plates

Friday, July 11, 2014


Here are my Van Volky nails!  Created especially for my husband who loves VW's especially the old Volky vans and beetles.  He just recently purchased some new MoYou stamping plates for me! :) 

I was surprise on how quickly they arrived.  I ordered the 4th of July and received them today the 11th of July.  I ordered them on their MoYou site

My Van Volky Nails:

What did I use for my index and ring finger?

1.  Mundo de unas #11 Yellow
2. MDU #4 Blue
3. MDU #52 Lemon Tree
4.  MDU #32 Reddish
5.  MoYou Back to the 60's plate 01
6.  Rica Whiteout
7.  Seche vite

What did I use for my thumb, middle finger & ring finger?

1.  Rica Whiteout
2.  MoYou Mother Nature Collection plate 08 for background stamping
3.  MoYou Back to the 60's plate 01 for Van Volky Decal
4.  MDU #32 Reddish
5.  Color Club Harp on it
6.  Sally Hansen Silver Sweep
7.  Rica Whiteout
8.  Seche Vite top coat

It really take a while to create them.  I hope with my video you understand how I created them:

Where to purchase MoYou?
Amazon or

Where to purchase MDU?

Where to purchase Rica Whiteout?

I hope you guys enjoyed my video!

Please take care & Happy Stamping!


Neon Sunglasses

Sunday, July 6, 2014


I hope you're having a fantastic weekend!  I recently created a twinmani with my friend +stamping queen to share on our Instagram accounts.  Here is our twinmani:

 +stamping queen did an awesome job.  You can check out Mariana's lovely stamping on her Instagram  and she also has a blog in Spanish where she shares her love for nail stamping.  You should definitely check her out! #sharethelove

Here are my solo nails:

What did I use?

1.  China Glaze Grass is Lime Greener
2.  China Glaze Don't Honk Your Thorn
3.  Cheeky Summer Collection CH37
4.  Mundo De Uñas #11 Yellow
5.  MDU #15 Mexican Pink
6.  MDU #52 Lemon Tree
7.  MDU #4
8.  Seche Vite Top Coat
9.  Pink Neon Studs from
10.  Nail Glue
11.  Black & White Stamper

Watch my video on how to create them:

Where to Buy Cheeky Stamping Plates?  Amazon or their site

Where to Buy Mundo de Uñas polishes?

I hope you guys enjoyed!

Take care & Happy Stamping!


Rainbow Roses

Thursday, July 3, 2014


Here is my manicure of the day!  I was inspired by +Colores de Carol manicure she created using this plate:  Winstonia Wedding Bliss.

Here is my mani:

 What did I use?

1.  Duri Rejuvacote
2.  China Glaze Something Sweet for my base colore
3.  Winstonia Wedding Bliss
4.  Mundodeunas #53 Geranium
5.  MDU #52 Lemon Tree
6.  MDU #15 Mexican Pink
7.  MDU #54 Iris
8.  MDU #11 Yellow
9.  Black White STamper
10.  Seche Vite Top Coat

Here is a video on how to create them:

Where to buy Winstonia plates:
their site or Amazon

Where to Purchase Mundo de Unas polishes?

I decided to add some Caviar beads to the design:

How do they look?

I hope you guys enjoyed my post!

Happy Stamping!


Confetti Stamping Set From Mundo De Uñas Plus Black


Today I received my Mundo De Uñas Order.  I purchase the Confetti stamping set and a black stamping polish.

Mundo de Uñas is a company that creates nail stamping polishes and nail stamping plates.  They also sell other nail items on their site.  They are located in Mexico.  Each polish is 14ml but they also sell minis.  All the information is on their site and facebook.  You should definitely check them out!

I have seen so many wonderful reviews and beautiful manicures done with them, that I just had to try them out! It took almost a month to arrive. (I live in Puerto Rico)  Please keep in mind that because they are a international seller the items will take time to arrive to your home, but it is definitely worth the wait.  

Here are swatches of each color I purchased:

#11 Yellow

#54 Iris

#32 Reddish

#15  Mexican Pink

#4 Blue

#52 Lemon Tree

#53 Geranium

#2 Black

Here is my review on my YouTube Channel:

I am really happy with my purchase.  They are amazing!


1.  These guys can stain nail stampers.  If you have extra nail stamper you may want to use one especially and only for these nail polishes.

2.  A little goes a long way with these guys.  You just need to add a small amount of polish to your plate.

How about the scent of these polishes?

I was very worried about the scent of these polishes.  I heard that they had a strong chemical smell to them, but they have recently added fruity scents to the polishes to help with that problem.  When I open the box it smelled yummy! Almost like bubblegum.  However I do have a good sense of smell and I could still smell a slight chemical smell to them, but it does not bother me. 

What do you think? Will you be planning to purchase them? Or Do you already own them? If so which color do you recommend I purchase next?

Happy Stamping!


Mix & Match Manicure Using Pueen Encore Set

Wednesday, July 2, 2014


Here is another manicure using Pueen Encore Set:

What did I use?

1.  Duri Rejuvacote for my base coat.
2.  China Glaze Flip Flop Fantasy for my base color
3.  Rica Whiteout Polish for my Ring Finger and Stamping
4.  Bundle Monster Black Polish
5.  Pueen SE02A for flower
6.  Pueen SE01A for ring finger
7.  Black White Stamper
8.  Seche Vite

Here is a quick stamping video on how I did them:

Where to buy Pueen? 
Amazon & their site

Where to buy Rica Nail polish in Whiteout?
Her etsy site.

Where to buy Bundle Monster Polish:
Their website.

I hope you enjoyed my video!

Happy Stamping!


Peacock Nails Using The Pueen Encore Collection

Tuesday, July 1, 2014


Here is the Peacock manicure that I posted on my Instagram yesterday:

They are very fun and easy to do!

This is what you need:

1.  Zoya Taylor for your base color
2.  Pueen SE03A
3.  China Glaze Scandalous Shenanigans
4.  China Glaze Con-fused?
5.  Maybelline Gold Bold
6.  Black & White Stamper
7.  Seche Vite

Here are the steps on how to create them.  Just watch my video:

I hope you enjoyed my tutorial!

Where can you purchase Pueen stamping plates?  On Amazon or on their site.

Happy Stamping!