Born Pretty Store Review + The Groovy Cow Mani + A Secret

Friday, February 28, 2014

*Plates provided for my honest review


I was contacted by Born Pretty Store to try some of their nail stamping plates, which I gladly accepted.  I received three stamping plates:  Plate QA71, QA33 & MLS301.   

Born Pretty Store is an online store that sells beauty items including nail art items and cosmetics, accessories, cell phone cases, etc.  They are located in Hong Kong.  If purchasing items from them you will have to wait 4 to 6 weeks to receive your items, because they are shipping internationally.  So please keep that in mind.   I have purchase stamping plates from them in the past. It took approximately 4 week to receive my items and I live in Puerto Rico.  Born Pretty Store Sells a lot of nail stamping plates for great prices, check them out here.   Many sell for .99 cents and up!

Here are the stamping plates:

Click on each plate number and it will take you directly to their link:
 QA71, QA33 & MLS301.

Here are the swatches:
I used Mash Black polish and the Black&White Stamper. 


As you can see the plates stamp beautifully.  I had no problem stamping with them, they are well etched.  They do not have a backing on them, so be careful.   I did ran my fingers along the edges to test them out.  Yes I am that crazy! lol  Good news, they do not have sharp edges. :) 

Here is a mani I created with plate QA33.  I was inspired by the cow image and created The Groovy Cow Mani.  Isn't she cute?

Groovy Cow Mani
Nail plates:  QA33 & QA4
Colors:  Sinful Snow Me White, Klean Colors Neon Yellow, Klean Colors Neon Aqua,
Klean Colors Neon Pink & Bettina Green Apple.

The stamping plate QA4, that has the cow pattern, is from my personal collection.  Born Pretty Store also sells the exact plate, but it is called QA8 click here to check it out. 

Plus, Born Pretty Store has given me a 10% off coupon code for you to use on your next order! If the coupon code is used up 10 times they will sponsor a giveaway on my Instagram. : ) Awesome right? 

Here is the code:  *Don't forget to use it!

I wanted to tell you guys a little secret.... I made a Youtube video.... Say What?? Yes, its not of the best quality but on my first video I show you how to create the Groovy Cow Mani.  Please leave me comments, rate & Subscribe if you want to see more videos.  I really appreciated if you can give me any tips on how to make better videos or give me ideas for my next video.  Thank You!

My First Video: **I was super nervous.

What do you guys think about Born Pretty Store nail stamping plates?  & What do you think of my video?  Let me know in the comment section below.

Happy Stamping!


Tutorial: Using Pueen 51

Thursday, February 27, 2014


I wanted to share a tutorial with you guys! This is the mani I posted today on Instagram:

I used shades from The China Glaze Sea Goddess Collection and Pueen plate 51.  I hope you enjoy! ...Here we go!

What do you need?

1.  A Base Coat:  I used Duri Rejuvacote.
2.  China Glaze Sand Dolla Make You Holla
3.  China Glaze Wish On A Starfish
4.  China Glaze Shell We Dance?
5.  Pueen nail stamping plate:  Pueen 51
6.  Black stamping polish:  I used P&E Black Matte.
7.  Your favorite Top Coat:  I used Seche Vite


1.  Apply your favorite Base Coat.  I use Duri Rejuvacote as my base coat. 

2.  Using China Glaze Sand Dolla Make You Holla, apply only on the upper 1/3 of your nail.  I applied 3 thin coats. **Pay no attention to my half naked nails! lol

3.  Using China Glaze Wish on a Starfish, apply on the center of your nail.  Then with the brush gently apply a little of the pink over the white, this will create a gradient look without having to use a sponge.   I applied two coats.

4.  Using China Glaze Shell We Dance?, apply on the lower part of the nail.  Just as before, gently  apply a little of the dark pink over the lighter pink creating a gradient look.  I applied two coats.  It might look uneven but don't worry the top coat will help even it out. 

5.  Apply your favorite top coat.  I used Seche Vite.  This step is very important!  The top coat evens out the gradient and creates a smooth surface for nail stamping.  After applying wait till the nails are completely dry before going on to the next step.

6.  After your nails have dried, you can finally stamp! Yay!  I used Pueen 51 and P&E Black Matte.  

7.  Apply your favorite top coat, clean up your cuticles and your done! 

I hope you enjoyed!  If you recreate this mani, I would love to see it! Just tag me on Instagram! 

Happy Stamping!!


China Glaze Sea Goddess Collection: Swatches & Do They Stamp?

*Purchased by me
Today for my "Swatches & Do They Stamp?" post I have the China Glaze Sea Goddess Collection.  Sally Beauty Supply is currently having a sale Buy 1 get 1 free that expires tonight, look below for more details.  I took advantage of the deal and got the whole collection.  This collection has 6 nail polishes.

Here are the swatches of each polish:

1.  Sand Dolla Make You Holla:
Stamped with Cici&Sisi plate 03 & Finger Paints Rock Hard Lilac.

Without top coat

With Glossy Glam Top Coat

 2.  Wish On A Starfish:
Stamped using Bundle Monster plate BM-H19 and P&E Black Matte.

Without top coat.

With Glossy Glam Top Coat.

3.  Teal The Tide Turns:
Stamped with Bundle Monster plate BM-205.

Without top coat.

With Glossy Glam Top Coat.

4.  Shell We Dance?:
Stamped with Bundle Monster plate BM-411 and P&E Black Matte.

Without top coat.

With Glossy Glam Top Coat

5.  Tail Me Something:
Stamped with Bundle Monster plate BM-403 and P&E Black Matte.

Without topcoat

With Glossy Glam Top Coat

6.  Seahorsin' Around:
Stamped with Bundle Monster plate BM-205 and P&E Black Matte.

With out top coat.

With Glossy Glam Top Coat

Do They Stamp? 

NO, but they are great to stamp over them! :) As you see in the pictures above they look gorgeous with stamping.  You can create beautiful manicures with them.  

**Please Note: These polish contain glitter in them that can ruin your plates.  They can scratch your plates and the small glitter can get suck in the images.  So be careful when trying them out on your stamping plates. 

I did have the courage to try them out for you guys.  I stamped them on paper using my Konad stamper and Bundle Monster plate BM-411.  Look:

China Glaze Seahorsin' Around, is the only one that looks promising, but I wouldn't use them as stamping polishes.  They are so beautiful by their own. 

My thoughts: 

I really love this collection.  They are so beautiful with or with a top coat. China Glaze Seahorsin' Around stained my cuticles a little, so be careful with that one.

My favs are:
1.  Wish On A Starfish
2.  Sand Dolla Make You Holla
3.  Shell We Dance?

They are gorgeous colors to use with nail stamping.  I do not recommend them to be used as nail stamping polishes. 

I hope you enjoyed my post.  What do you think?  Will you be purchasing this collection?  Let me know in the comment section below.

Happy Stamping!!


Pueen Cosmetics 24B Stamping Buffet Collection

Monday, February 24, 2014

**Purchased by me

I finally get to show you guys the new plates from Pueen Cosmetics .  They are called The 24B Stamping Buffet Collection.  I purchased them on Amazon, but you can also buy them on their site too.  This set has 24 fully etched plates.  They are so fun, you can stamp anywhere you want and the possibilities are endless.  This set also includes a handy storage case with your order. 

Here are the plates:

Here are some quick swatches:
I used the Black&White Stamper and Mash Black special polish.

Here are some mani's I post on my Instagram using this set:

 Pueen 70
I used the advance stamping technique.  I have an pictorial on my blog click here . 

Pueen 52
Colors:  FingerPaints Copy Cat and P&E Black Matte.

Pueen 63
 Colors: Orly Razzle & P&E black matte. 

 Pueen 72
Colors Zoya Chantal & Konad White.

I really like these plates.  I love that they are fully etched, they each look like a work of art.  You can stamp where ever you want and create different manicures with them.  Each plate is well etched.  I had no problem picking up the image.  I did find that some images were very big, so it can be frustrating for a person with short nails.  For example:  Pueen: 70 ( look above at the mani with the beautiful girl) I almost couldn't stamp her face on my nails.  I wish the image would had been a little more smaller to accommodate her face better on the nail.  I look forward in seeing more plates like the Stamping Buffet in the future.  I really enjoy them.

What do you think?  Will you be purchasing them?  Let me know in the comment section below!

Happy Stamping! 

FingerPaints Rock My World 2014 Collection: Swatches & Do They Stamp?

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

*Purchased By Me

I love seeing swatches of new collections, but I wanted to try something different on my blog.  I want to share swatches and share if the polishes work for nail stamping.   When I buy a polish, I always ask my self, "Do they stamp?" and I immediately try them out on paper.  I love it when I buy a beautiful polish that can also be used with nail stamping, it's like a bonus!

I really hope you enjoy My first "Swatches & Do they stamp?" Post.

FingerPaints Rock My World Collection
Colors left to right:
Rock Hard Lilac, Pretty Tough Pink, Stone Cold Pewter & Rockin' Gunmetal

I purchased this collection after seeing Nouveaucheap and Thepolishedmommy blog posts.  You must definitely follow these ladies!  They are also on Instagram:  @nouveaucheap &  @thepolishedmommy 

This collection consists of four beautiful textured polishes.  I purchased them at  Sally Beauty Supply and they are currently having a BOGO Sale (Buy one get one free) on all Finger Paints all month long!  You should definitely take advantage of the deal if you have a Sally Beauty Supply in your area.

Here are the Swatches:
(2 Coats each)

1.  Rock Hard Lilac
Stamped with BM-017 and P&E polish in black matte.

2.  Pretty Tough Pink
Stamped with BM-017 and P&E polish in black matte.

3.  Stone Cold Pewter
Stamped with BM-012 and P&E polish in black matte.

4.  Rockin' Gunmetal
Stamped with BM-012 and P&E polish in black matte.

*** Now the question you have been waiting for.....
Do They Stamp???

They do!
Look below:

Base color: China Glaze White on White.  
Plate:  BM-017.
Rock Hard Lilac, Pretty Tough Pink, Stone Cold Pewter & Rockin' Gunmetal

Base Color: Rimmel Black Satin
Plate:  BM-017.
Rock Hard Lilac, Pretty Tough Pink, Stone Cold Pewter & Rockin' Gunmetal

Here is a mani I post on my Instagram using some polishes from this collection:

Colors: Zoya Rue & Finger paints Go Baroque.
 Stamping colors: Finger Paints Stone Cold Pewter & Finger Paints Pretty Tough Pink.
Plate: Winstonia W-04 
Top coat: @kraftygurldesigns Gloss It!

I think you should take advantage of the Sally Beauty Supply Sale and purchase them.  I love the look of textured polishes and It's a bonus that they work great for stamping. 

I didn't have any problems with the left over textured polish on the plate.  I cleaned up the plate with acetone and it was good as new.  There was no residual left behind.  They didn't scratch my plate.  I did scraped lightly of course.  The material used for this textured polish is very small and it dissolves with acetone.  When you first apply them they don't seem like a texture polish, it is only after they start drying that you see the texture.  Its very subtle.  They do not contain glitter as OPI Liquid Sands do.

What do you think about this collection?  Let me know in the comment section below.

Happy Stamping!


Winstonia Nail Art Stamping Image Plate Series 1: Review & Swatches

Saturday, February 15, 2014


Today I have a quick and fast review on Winstonia Nail Art Stamping Image Plate Series 1.  I purchase these plates on but you can also order on Amazon. There are 4 square stamping plates in this set. They are sold individually for $4.95 each.  Here are the plates:

W-01 Aquarium plate

W-02  Safari plate

W-03 Rainforest plate

W-04  Floral plate

These plates are well etched.  I had no problem picking up the images.  For the small images I used a Konad stamper and for the large images I used the black&white squishy stamper.  I also used Mash black special nail polish for the swatches.  As you see below they stamped beautifully.

W-01 Aquarium plate

W-02  Safari plate

W-03 Rainforest plate

W-04  Floral plate

Here are some of the mani's I posted on my Instagram @nailstamp4fun using these awesome plates.


Plates used:  W-01 for the shark & Cheeky jumbo plate 2 for the waves.
Colors used:  OPI yodel Me On Your Cell, Colores de Carol Haunted Bubbles.
Stamping polishes:  Konad White and Zoya Song

Plates used:  W-04
Colors used:  Sinful Colors Unicorn
Stamping polish:  Konad Black

Plates used:  W-03 &W-112
Colors used:  Sinful Colors Starfish
Stamping polish:  Sinful Colors Easy Going and Essie Penny Talk

This was my submission photo for Winstonia's 2014 Valentines Contest.
Plates used:  
Index finger:  W111, W102
Middle finger: W102, W105
Ring finger:  W102, square plate: W-02, for the grass W101
Pinky:  W102
I really enjoy these plates, they are so pretty and stamp great. I especially love the Shark and Flowers.  Winstonia also sells two other nail stamping sets on their site and sell different beauty items.  Go check them out!  I have a 15% off code, that you can use on your first order that total $20 or more. Just click here on My Refer a Friend link .  *Remember you must be a new customer and make an order of $20 or more. Shipping is free on U.S. orders of $25 or more. 
What do you think about these plates?  Would you purchase them? Or have them?  I would love to know in the comment section below.
Happy Stamping!