The Baggie Method: Pueen plate 65

Sunday, March 30, 2014


Here is my mani for Sundays Challenge I did this for the Facebook group:  Adventures In Stamping:

The challenge for today is to combine another technique with nail stamping, such as water marbling, gradient, etc.  I used the Baggie Method which I explain here.  The Baggie Method is similar to Saran Wrap Method the only this is that I use plastic grocery baggies. 

Here is my video on how to make this mani: 

What did I use?

1.  Duri Rejuvacote
2. China Glaze Kinetic Candy
3.  China Glaze Shocking Pink
4.  China Glaze White on White
5.  China Glaze Sweet hook
6.  China Glaze Virtual Violet
7.  Pueen Plate 65
8.  Seche Vite Top Coat
9.  Cut squares from a plastic Baggie

I hope you guys enjoy!

Happy Stamping!

Lines & Zig Zag Pattern: Cheeky Jumbo Plate 1


I posted this simple cool mani on my Instagram:

What did I use??
1.  Duri Rejuvacote for my base coat
2.  China Glaze For Audrey
3.  China Glaze Scandalous Shenanigans
4.  Cheeky Jumbo Plate 1
5.  Seche Vite

Here is the video on my YouTube Channel on how to create them.  Its super simple! I hope you guys enjoy!

Happy Stamping!


Duri Rejuvacote 1 Nail Growth System

Saturday, March 29, 2014


I have been trying Duri Rejuvacote for three months now, and I am very happy with the results.
Some of my nail buddies on Instagram recommended me this nail growth product.  I purchased it on Ebay for around $8. 

What is Duri Rejuvacote?
Its a nail growth product.  The following is the description is written on their packaging:  Rejuvacote the nail doctor will heal and cure your spilt, cracked and acrylic eaten nails.  In a mater of weeks you will enjoy the look and feel of strong, vital, natural nails.  It also says: From dying nails to nails to die for.

I decided to try it out, because my nails were weak, thin and were splitting a lot.  I really see a difference since using Duri Rejuvacote, my nails have grown longer, stronger and the splitting has stop.   Many people on Instagram have seen the difference too and I owe it to Duri Rejuvacote.  I followed the direction on the box and have used Duri Rejuvacote under all my manicures as my base coat. 

Here are some pics:

The beginning:  
Here I cut all my nails down and began using Duri Rejuvacote.
I started December 23, 2013

First week

 Second Week

1st Month

 2nd Month

 3er Month

Here are my naked nails after three months of using Duri Rejuvacote.

I am so happy with this product!  I am so amazed to see it worked for me!  The only negative thing was that it makes my cuticles very dry, so I must apply more cuticle oil.  Please remember it might not work for you, but it won't hurt to try! :) 

What nail growth product or strengthener do you use?  Have you tried Duri Rejucacote? Let me know in the comments below!

¡Hasta Luego Bye! 

China Glaze Surprise Collection: Swatches

Friday, March 21, 2014


I hope your having a great day!  Yesterday I visited my local Sally Beauty Supply and they had a new China Glaze display up.  It's called Surprise and what a surprise it is... finding this beautiful collection! I read on a few blogs that this collection is suppose to be out in April, so I guess I was lucky my Sally's had it out on display earlier.  This collection has 6 fun glitter combos! Sally Beauty Supply is currently having a BOGO Sale on China Glaze all month long! (Buy 1 Get 1 Free) I couldn't say No to a good deal, so I just had to purchase them all!  Look at the swatches:

1.  Glimmer More
I applied it over Zoya Chantal & used stamping plate LC-18.

2.  Create A Spark
I applied it over China Glaze Petal to The Metal & used stamping plate LC-18.

3. Glitter Up
I applied it over China Glaze Lemon Fiz & used stamping plate QA46.

4.  Shine-nanigans
I applied it over Rimmel I Lilac You and stamping plate QA40.

5.  I'm A Go Glitter
I appied it over Rimmel Mintilicious and used stamping plate QA40.

6.  Don't Be A Flake
I applied it over OPI My boyfriend Scales Walls and used stamping plate QA12.

What do you think? Aren't they so cool?!  I just love neon glitters, plus the combo of matte glitter and shiny glitters.  Wow, they are beautiful!  They weren't difficult to apply.  Like most glitter you do have to fish them out of the bottle to apply them evenly where you want to on the nail, but I am okay with that.

I hope you enjoy my swatches!  If you have a Sally's Nearby don't forget to drop in and see if the collection has arrived.   

¡Hasta Luego!


Nail Stamping Tips: Shrinking Your Image

Friday, March 14, 2014


Ever look at a nail stamping plate and wonder if the image will fit your nail because its too large?  Well today I will be sharing a simple trick to shrink your image.

First I would like to say that I heard about this technique but never fully understood it until I saw Kelly Cris YouTube video.  Her video isn't in English but she did a great job of showing the technique.  Check out her video here.  Thank you Kelly Cris for sharing!

I hope you guys enjoy the video! Please comment, rate & subscribe.

Happy Stamping!


Nail Stamping Tip: Stretching Your Image


Today I have a great tip for you!  Its about stretching your image.  Ever look at a nail plate and wonder if that image is too small for your nails?  Well I want to share this tip that will help you enlarge the image so it fits well on the nail.

First I would like to thank Beaching Nails from Youtube for sharing this great technique!  I love her stamping! Go check her out! Click on the links: her Youtube Channel, her Blog, and her Instagram

I hope you enjoy my video!

Happy Stamping!


Colorful Swirls: Winstonia plate W203

Tuesday, March 11, 2014


Today I posted this colorful swirl mani on my Instagram:

What did I use?

1.  Base Coat- Dura Rejuvacote
2.  Rimmel Sunny Days
3.  Rimmel Pink-A-Boo
4.  Rimmel Blue My Mind
5.  Konad Princess Black Gold
6. Winstonia 203
7.  Top Coat- Seche Vite


1.  Apply your favorite base coat.

2.  Apply your colors as pictured below:  Start with Rimmel Sunny Days (two coats), Rimmel
Pink-a-boo (two coats) and finish with Rimmel Blue My Mind (two coats).  Then apply a coat of top coat to smooth out the nail for stamping. 

3.  After your nails have dried, start stamping using W203 and Konad Princess Black Gold.

4.  Finish up your mani using your favorite top coat and your done!

I hope you guys enjoy!

Happy Stamping!


Apatosaurus Nails: Winstonia plate 220

Saturday, March 8, 2014


I am still having fun with Winstonia Dino plate W220:

Today I made a mani using the Apatosaurus (once known as Brontosaurus).  For the gradient I used 5 different colors, which I will mention below, I was inspired by @ohmygoshpolish beautiful gradient.  Check her awesome Instagram account here.  

This is the picture I posted on my Instagram:

What did I use?

1.  Base Coat- Rejuvacote
2.  China Glaze Hanging In The Balance
3.  China Glaze At Vase Value
4.  China Glaze Grass Is Lime Greener
5.  China Glaze Metro- Pollen-tin
6.  China Glaze Japanese Koi (neon)
8.  Konad Black
9.  Sponge applicator:  From a China Glaze Ombre set I own
10.  Top Coat:  Krafty Gurl Gloss It!
11. China Glaze White on White


1.  Apply your favorite base coat.

2.  Apply one coat of China Glaze White on White to all your nails.  This is the base color to your gradient.  It will make the colors pop!

 3.  Use a sponge applicator to make your gradient. I used a sponge from a China Glaze Ombre set that I own.  Colors used: China Glaze Hanging In The Balance, CG At Vase Value, CG Grass Is Lime Greener, CG Metro- Pollen-tin & CG Japanese Koi (neon) all in that same order.  Here are the steps in pictures: 

A.  Adding colors to sponge applicator.

B. Start your gradient.  This takes time.  Let it dry between coats.  After you have
finish the gradient apply a top coat to blend and smooth out the area.

4.  After your nails have dried, we start stamping!  Begin with your middle finger, and center your nail on the dinos middle body.  Then continue with your ring finger stamping his neck & head, on your Index finger add his tail & finally on your pinky add a tree from Winstonia W-02 safari square plate  Look below: 

5.  Clean up your cuticles and fingers.

6.  Finish your mani by applying your favorite top coat to add shine and seal your design!

I hope you enjoyed my post!  I would love to see your design just tag me on Instagram or add your link in the comments below!

Happy Stamping!



Simple Koala Nails: Using Winstonia W205 & W210

Friday, March 7, 2014


I created this cute simple Koala mani using Winstonia plates W205 & W210:

What did I use?

1.  A Base Coat:  Rejuvacote
2.  China Glaze Don't Honk Your Thorn
3.  China Glaze Petal To The Metal
4.  Winstonia W205 (lines)
5.  Winstonia W210 (panda)
6.  Konad White
7.  Konad Black Gold
8.  Sinful Colors Snow Me White
9.  Maybelline Gold Bold
10.  Seche Vite Top Coat


1.  Apply your favorite base coat.
2.  Apply one coat of China Glaze Don't Honk Your Thorn to all your nails.
3.  Make a gradient using a makeup sponge wedge and CG Don't Honk Your Thorn (top color) and CG Petal To The Metal (bottom color) to all your nails.
4.  Apply a top coat to blend the colors and smooth the nail for nail stamping.
5.  Stamp using the W205 and Konad White to create the diagonal lines.
6.  Now you create your advance stamping decal using the image of the panda on plate W210.  Learn how to do this step here and here.  This is the picture of how the koala was colored in:

I used Sinful Colors Snow me White for ears and tummy,
CG Petal To The Metal for his nose and mouth, &
Maybelline Gold Bold for his eyes

7.  Apply your decal using the top coat method, look at #6 for the links provided on how to apply the image on your nail.
8.  Once your done you can apply your favorite top coat and your done!

I hope you enjoy this mani!  If I inspire you in anyway just tag me or link my blog to your post.  Thank you!

Happy Stamping!


Zig Zag Gradient: Using Winstonia W203


Today I posted this simple stamping mani on my Instagram:

What did I use?
1.  China Glaze Spring In My Step
2.  China Glaze In A Lily Bit
3.  China Glaze What A Pansy
4.  Winstonia plate W203
5.  Konad Black
6.  Seche Vite

1.  I applied a coat of China Glaze Spring In My Step to all my nails.
2.  Using a makeup sponge wedge, make a gradient using:  CG Spring In My Step (top color), CG In A Lily Bit (center color) and CG What A Pansy (bottom color) to all your nails.
3.  Apply top coat to smooth and blend your gradient and prepare a clean smooth base for your stamping.  Wait till it dries completely and continue to the next step.
4.  Stamp using Konad Black and W203
5.  Finish up with your favorite top coat and your done!

I hope you guys enjoy this simple Zig Zag Gradient using plate W203!

Happy Stamping!


Scratched By A Neon Leopard! - Using Born Pretty Store Plate MLS301

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Here is my mani for today:  It looks like my nails got scratched by a neon leopard! lol What do you think?

What did I use?

1.  China Glaze At Vase Value
2.  Born Pretty Store plate MLS301
3.  Konad black
4.  Sinful Colors Snow Me White
5.  China Glaze Peonies & Park Ave
6.  China Glaze Sunday Funday
7.  China Glaze Grass Is Lime Greener
8.  Krafty Gurl Gloss It Top Coat
Below is a picture of Born Pretty Store plate MLS301
*Check out my review on Born Pretty Store here

Quick Steps:

1.  Apply China Glaze At Vase Value to all your nails and a coat of top coat.

2.  Now we make the neon leopard scratch using Born Pretty Store plate MLS301 and using the advance stamping technique.  I have a pictorial  here & here , Just click and read the steps. 
Below I am showing you how I colored in the image for this mani: 

A.  Using all China Glaze colors: 
Peonies & Park Ave, Sunday Funday & Grass Is Lime Greener
I fill in the spots.

B.  After the spots have dried I finish coloring in with Sinful Colors Snow me White.

3.  Once the image has dried, use top coat to apply your image using the advance nail stamping technique. Click here & here for the pictorial.  Remember the top coat must be a little tacky for the image to stick. 

4.  Now you apply your favorite top coat.  I am using Krafty Gurl Gloss It Top Coat.

5.  You must repeat this process on all your nails and your done!

I hope you guys enjoy my post.  Its a quick post but remember to check out the links to the tutorial on how to apply the colored image to your nail using the advance stamping technique.

Remember if I inspire you in anyway please give credit and tag me on Instagram or link my blog on your blog post.  Thank you!

Happy Stamping!


Retro Dinos: Winstonia Second Generation Plates W216 & W220

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

*This set was sent to me by Winstonia

I have another cool colorful mani today!  Its called Retro Dinos! Rawr! 

For this mani I used Winstona Store new second generation plates, which you can purchase here or on Amazon.  My inspiration was the Tyrannosaurus (T. Rex) on plate W220.  How cool is this dinosaur plate? 

Let's Begin!

What did I use?

1.  Base coat on all nails- Duri Rejuvacote
2.  China Glaze What a Pansy
3.  China Glaze Peonies & Park Ave
4.  China Glaze Sunday Funday
5.  China Glaze Grass is Lime Greener
6.  Winstonia plate W216
7.  Winstonia plate W220
8.  Konad Black Gold
9.  Konad White
10.  Nail Stampers
11. Top Coat- Seche Vite

Steps:  *Pictorial

1.  Apply your favorite Base Coat.
2.  Apply these colors:  Index finger:  China What A Pansy, Middle finger:  China Glaze Peonies & Park Ave, Ring finger:  China Glaze Sunday Funday & Pinky:  China Glaze Grass is Lime Greener.  Then apply a light coat of top coat.

3.  After all nails have dried, begin stamping using Winstonia plate W216 and Konad White.

4.  Now we can began to make our dinosaurs decals using the advance stamping technique.  I will show you the steps and you will have to repeat these steps for each T. Rex.

A.  Stamp your Dino using Winstonia plate W220
& Konad Black.  Let it dry.

B.  Fill in your T. Rex using a dotting tool or detail brush. 
I used a dotting tool and China Glaze Grass is Lime Greener. 
Let it Dry.  Do not remove from the stamper. 

5.  After your first T. Rex has dried you are ready to apply your dino.  The method I use to apply the T. Rex Decal is using a top coat.  Apply your top coat and wait till it gets tacky.  This step is very important!  The top coat cannot be too wet nor too dry.  Just right to make the T. Rex Decal stick to the nail.  This will take practice, but don't give up.  Practice makes perfect.  Here are the steps:

A.  Apply Top Coat.  Wait till it gets tacky.  Remember it
can't be too wet nor too dry.  It might take you a few tries to get it right. 
You can also practice on a nail tip, before making this mani.

B.  Once top coat is tacky, you will roll on your T. Rex Decal. 
Be careful! Do not press too hard.  Gently roll side to side. 
Carefully watching to make sure the image is sticking on the nail.

C.  Very gently roll side to side. 
 Don't worry it some part of the Dino isn't sticking,
just roll back gently till it sticks.

D.  See how it is sticking on the nail?  Awesome, right?

E.  Don't worry if any part of the T. Rex is lifted or if you
 get wrinkles on the nail, you can fix it by pressing
lightly with your finger to smooth it out. 

F.  There you go! 
I gently applied light pressure using my finger
to fix anything that was lifted or wrinkled.

6.  Finally you apply your favorite top coat.  The top coat adds shine and helps smooth out everything! 

7.  Repeat steps 4-5 for each nail and you will have a colorful Retro Dino Mani:

I hope you guys enjoy!  If you try out this manicure please tag me, link back to my blog or give me credit.  Thank you!

Happy Stamping!


Nail Stamping 101: Video

Monday, March 3, 2014


If you read my last post, you found out that I finally made a video on YouTube. Yay! They aren't the best quality but hopefully I will make better videos in the future. 

Today I made a Nail Stamping 101 video, showing you the basic in nail stamping.  I really hope you enjoy!

Here is my video:

Happy Stamping!