Bundle Monster Kawaii Emoji Plates, Deluxe Stamping Set and More!

Saturday, February 25, 2017

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I hope you're having a great weekend! Bundle Monster Released many new products this week.  The release date was February 23, 2016.  I love that they are continuously coming out with a lot of new & fun products for us stampaholics. That is awesome!

Here is my video review with some of their newest products:

Close-up of The Custom Deluxe Nail Stamping Kit.  
Hot Pink Case.

 Quick Facts:
1. Hard shell organizer case with zipper.
2. One Duo-ended stamper with a soft squishy stamper heads. No priming required.  I just wash with soap and water. (Dawn dish soap.)
2. Two scrapers.
3. One glass file.
4. Two plastic cuticle pushers.
5. Eight Triangle Sponges.
6. One acetone safe refillable glass bottle.
7. This pink case comes with 3 stamping polishes: Bam! White, Psychedelic Stereo and Lunar Lines.

Keep in mind that this case is available in three colors.  They do NOT include stamping plates.  Each case comes with different nail stamping polishes.  Read Bundle Monster description carefully to see with colors are provided with each set. Check them out HERE.

Bundle Monster released a total of 8 sets.  5 are themed sets that do come with 2 nail plates. They are Sweet Treat, So Kawaii, Floral Fame, Sassy Class and Tribal Fever. Check them out HERE.  The other 3 are the Custom Deluxe Kits I shown you and explain above. 

Close up of The Kawaii Emoji Set

The Kawaii Emoji collection has five XL stamping plates inspired by adorable  Japanese designs. Super cute designs that you can fill up with color or stamp over a colorful base. So many beautiful manicures that you can design with this set.

Quick Facts:
1. XL High Quality Stainless Steel plates with plastic backing.
2  Plate size: 6.5 x 12.5 cm.
3. Images etched in Buffet, Full Nail and Accent designs.
4. Full nail pattern size: Approx. 1.5 x 2 cm.

Finally, here are their new top coats.  These top coats are formulated to work with nail stamping.  The New Smudge Free Top Coat and Matte Top Coat.  You can see them in action in my video above. They work beautifully with nail stamping.  Click to see Smudge Free Top Coat HERE.  Click to see Matte Top Coat HERE.

What do you think about Bundle Monster's new products?  You can see all their new items HERE

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I hope you enjoyed my post. Have a wonderful day!

Happy Stamping!
Love, Swanette

Messy Mansion Knitting and Handcrafting Nail Stamping Plates: MM40XL, MM84XL, MM85XL

Saturday, February 4, 2017

*Only one plate was a press sample.


Today I am excited to show you some beautiful stamping plates from Messy Mansion.  These plates have knitting, crocheting & Handcrafting inspire images.  They are so lovely.  If you love Handcrafting then you will definitely love these plates!

Here is my YouTube Review:

Let's take a closer look at each plate:

Craft Love Get Knitted With MM40XL
*Press Sample.

Hand Knits Perl It With MM84XL
*Purchased by me.

Fiber Arts Get Knotted With MM85XL
*Purchased by me

These plates are definitely a must have if you enjoy knitting, crocheting and handcrafting.  You can create so many gorgeous manicures with these plate.  You could stamp over a marble base or even fill them in with color! What do you think about them?

As always Messy Mansion sells great quality plates and products.  Follow them to always be up-to-date with all their latest releases and deals.

Site:  https://www.messymansion.com.au/
FB:  https://www.facebook.com/messymansion/
IG:  https://www.instagram.com/messymansion/

I hope you enjoyed my post.  Have a wonderful day!

Happy Stamping!
Love, Swanette

Messy Mansion Christmas Collection Nail Stamping Polishes

Friday, February 3, 2017

*Press Sample


I hope you're having a fabulous week! Today I will be showing you swatches of Messy Mansion's Christmas Collection.  I hope you enjoy!

Quick Facts:

1. Messy Mansion polishes can be use as regular polish or stamping polish.
2. Bottles are 15ml.
3. 5-Free, Vegan polish.
4. Made in Australia.
5. They have a warehouse in the US for faster shipping.

Take a look at my YouTube Review:

Here are close-ups of each swatch:

Messy Mansion Gingerbread
A reddish bronze shade with a shimmer finish.

Messy Mansion Pudding
Milk chocolate brown with a creme finish.

Messy Mansion Holly
Deep berry red with a shimmer finish.

Messy Mansion Jingle Bells
Metallic Taupe Shade.

Messy Mansion Ivy
Emerald green shade with a shimmer finish.

Messy Mansion Spruce
Dark teal creme.

Swatches side by side.

What do you think about this collection? They stamp beautifully.  Only two were less opaque than the others over black.  Spruce and Ivy work the best over lighter colors.  My favorites have to be: Gingerbread, Pudding and Holly.   I hope you enjoyed my post.
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Messy Mansion Social Medias:

Happy Stamping!
Love, Swanette

B. Loves Plates & Colour Alike Nail Stamping Polishes: A Quick Comparison

Sunday, January 29, 2017

*Press Samples provided in the past.


I have been getting many questions about B. Loves Plates & Colour Alike polishes, so I decided to create this post just for you! I hope it is helpful!

Quick Facts:
1.  Polishes are made in Poland.
2.  Bottle Size: 8 ml
3. No strong scent. Has a light sweet fragrance. 
4. 5 Free.  They do not contain Toluene, Formaldehyde, Dibutyl Phthalate, Formaldehyde Resin, Camphor.

Here is my YouTube Video showcasing all the collections and quick comparisons:

Here are all the B. Loves Plates & Colour Alike collections: 

You can watch live swatches Here, Here & Here.

You can watch live swatches Here.

You can watch live swatches Here.

You can watch live swatches Here.

You can watch live swatches Here.

You can watch live swatches Here.

You can watch live swatches Here.

You can watch live swatches Here

 You can watch live swatches Here.

You can watch live swatches Here.

You can watch live swatches Here.

Quick Comparisons:

I hope you enjoyed my post! Have you tried B. Loves Plates & Colour Alike Polishes? If so, which are your favorite shades!

B. Loves Plates Social Medias:
10% Off $30 or More: Nailstamp4fun10 *Not an affiliate code.

Colour Alike Social Medias:

Happy Stamping!

Love, Swanette

Lina Nail Art Supplies Stamping Plates Featuring the Blank Image to Create Gradients

Saturday, January 28, 2017

*Press Samples


I hope you're having a great day! Today I received 2 new plates from Lina Nail Art Supplies.   However I have never posted about Lina Nail Art Supplies on my Blog, so I decided to show you all my Lina Nail Art plates in this post.  I am trying my best to blog more this year. I hope you enjoy!

In this post I will be featuring their brand new plate Make Your Mark 3, which features a fun and cool image.  It's a blank image to create gradients.  Can you image... you can create a gradient without a sponge... fun right?! Amazing! You can see how it's done, down below, on my second YouTube video.

Lina Nail Art Supplies is located in New Orleans, Louisiana.  They are a fairly new Indie nail stamping brand, they started in October 2016, and have been creating quite a buzz in the nail stamping community.  Their plates feature unique images and they stamp beautifully.  

More Quick Facts:

1.  Stainless Steel Plates
2.  Plate size: 9.5 x 14.5 cm
3.  Sticker backing with their logo.
4.  Full nail image size: 1.7 x 2.2 cm
5.  Transparent protective film to protect plates.  Don't forget to remove them before nail stamping.
6.  Comes in a cute cardboard sleeve to protect and store them.

This is my first YouTube Review. October 2016:
*First press release.

In this review I show and swatch these plates:

Feeling Shapely! 01

Feeling Shapely! 02

In Motion 02

Make Your Mark 02

Here is My NEW YouTube Review Featuring Their New Plates January 2017: 
*This one features Make Your Mark 03.

In this review I show and swatch these 2 NEW plates:

All About Love 01

Make Your Mark 03

Make Your Mark 03 has a special feature I mentioned in my YouTube Video above.  You can create beautiful gradients with it!  Gradients without using a sponge!  Super fun idea.  It definitely takes a lot of practice, but I won't give up until I have mastered it! :)

Gradient Tips Using The Blank Image:

1.  Apply polish completely over the image.
2. Gently swipe.  Try not to apply too much pressure, or you will remove polish from the plate.
3. Swipe a few times to blend the colors together.
4. Practice, Practice and Practice! I am still practicing! lol
5. Have fun! Try out a lot of color combinations! :)

Here are two manicures I created using the new Make Your Mark 03 plate:
*I used the gradient feature in both manicures.

Base colors: Colorina HD Magnetic Silver, Bettina Black Hole & Galaxy. 
Stamping polish: Messy Mansion Sterling

Base Colors: B.Loves Plates/Colour Alike B a Fuchsia Flash, 
B. an Electric Orange & B.a Yellow Glow.
Stamping Polishes: Messy Mansion Blue You a Kiss and Colorina Black.

As you can see these plates stamp beautifully. They are high quality plates. Superb etching & Fun images for everyone. Check out their social medias, and follow them, they have so many plates to choose from.

Lina Nail Art Supplies Social Media:

Here is a special code for you! *It is not an affiliate code and has limited amount of uses.

Happy Stamping!
Love, Swanette