Apatosaurus Nails: Winstonia plate 220

Saturday, March 8, 2014


I am still having fun with Winstonia Dino plate W220:

Today I made a mani using the Apatosaurus (once known as Brontosaurus).  For the gradient I used 5 different colors, which I will mention below, I was inspired by @ohmygoshpolish beautiful gradient.  Check her awesome Instagram account here.  

This is the picture I posted on my Instagram:

What did I use?

1.  Base Coat- Rejuvacote
2.  China Glaze Hanging In The Balance
3.  China Glaze At Vase Value
4.  China Glaze Grass Is Lime Greener
5.  China Glaze Metro- Pollen-tin
6.  China Glaze Japanese Koi (neon)
8.  Konad Black
9.  Sponge applicator:  From a China Glaze Ombre set I own
10.  Top Coat:  Krafty Gurl Gloss It!
11. China Glaze White on White


1.  Apply your favorite base coat.

2.  Apply one coat of China Glaze White on White to all your nails.  This is the base color to your gradient.  It will make the colors pop!

 3.  Use a sponge applicator to make your gradient. I used a sponge from a China Glaze Ombre set that I own.  Colors used: China Glaze Hanging In The Balance, CG At Vase Value, CG Grass Is Lime Greener, CG Metro- Pollen-tin & CG Japanese Koi (neon) all in that same order.  Here are the steps in pictures: 

A.  Adding colors to sponge applicator.

B. Start your gradient.  This takes time.  Let it dry between coats.  After you have
finish the gradient apply a top coat to blend and smooth out the area.

4.  After your nails have dried, we start stamping!  Begin with your middle finger, and center your nail on the dinos middle body.  Then continue with your ring finger stamping his neck & head, on your Index finger add his tail & finally on your pinky add a tree from Winstonia W-02 safari square plate  Look below: 

5.  Clean up your cuticles and fingers.

6.  Finish your mani by applying your favorite top coat to add shine and seal your design!

I hope you enjoyed my post!  I would love to see your design just tag me on Instagram or add your link in the comments below!

Happy Stamping!