Pueen 24M- Make Your Day Review

Monday, July 6, 2015


I hope you're having a wonderful day!  Today I have Pueen Cosmetics newest set of plates.  I am so excited!  Pueen Cosmetics sent me these products for my honest review. 

In this post I will review Pueen's 24M Make Your Day Nail Stamping Collection and Pueen's newest Double Sided Stamper & Scraper Set.

Pueen 24M Make Your Day
Pueen Double Sided Stamper & Scraper Set

First, I will show you the plates.  Here is my YouTube Video Review:

Here are up-close images of the plates:  

Pueen 24M Make Your Day Stamping Collection has 24 stainless steel plates.  This collection has a total of 144 images.  Each plate measures 5.5cm, has a backing and sanded edges.  As you can see they stamp beautifully and have beautiful designs.  I have quick swatches in my video above.

*Tip:  Always take your time to look thru the images to see if you will enjoy wearing them. 

Pueen Cosmetics is another great company that sells great quality plates at a great price.  You can purchase these new plates on their website or on Amazon.  

Next, Let me show your their Double Sided Stamper & Scraper Set:

Here is my YouTube Video Review:

This is a new and different type of stamper.  As you can see it has two sides, one side is round and the other side is oblong.  This stamper is made out of squishy silicone material and it will need priming.  I did prime them in the video by using a cotton ball saturated with acetone.  After a proper prime is made to your stamper it will work beautifully.  You can see in the video that the stamper picks up great.

**Remember:  Not everyone likes the same type of stamper.  It doesn't mean the stamper doesn't work.  It just mean it doesn't meet all the requirements to that person.  The best way to know if the stamper is right for you, is trying it out!  It is important to love the way it stamps and feels in your hand.

You can purchase this stamper at Pueen Cosmetics and it should be on Amazon.com soon.

So tell me... What do you think about this collection and stamper?  Let me know in the comment section below.

Happy Stamping!
Love, Swanette


  1. Great reviews, both of them.. I am currently waiting for my set and the stamper to arrive.. :)

  2. Lovely reviews as always. I like this collection a lot especially the hanging sheep.

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