Mundo de Uñas 2014 Fall Collection Set * Pictures & Swatches *

Monday, February 9, 2015


Today I have swatches of Mundo De Uñas 2014 Fall Collection Set. This set consists of eight fall color polishes.  At the time of the purchased I paid $26 on their site.    Shipping cost varies, but you can find out how much it would be if you click on the Cart button.  Look at the bottom of that page and there you will find a small chart with shipping cost and you can also calculate the shipping cost. 

Here are the Pictures and Swatches:

I am so happy that now MDU polishes have labels.  They look so beautiful and so professional.  I also enjoy that she added an area where you can swatch the polish on.  It's a black and white area, so you can see how it would look over lighter and dark colors.  I wish all polishes had this area.

Here is my video with live swatches:
**You will see my complete order**

I hope you enjoyed my post! What do you think about these polishes?  If you own some Mundo De Uñas polishes, which is your favorite color?  Let me know in the comments below.

Happy Stamping!

Love, Swanette