Bunny Nails Christmas Nail Stamping Plates: HD-E, HD-F & HD-I

Sunday, November 2, 2014


Today I want to show you guys Bunny Nails Christmas Nail Stamping Plates.  The owner and creator Dulce was so kind to send me some plates to show you guys.  She currently has three Christmas inspired nail stamping plates on her website.  Here they are:

The stamping plate below is her newest design Plate HD-I which she recently release with two Halloween stamping plates, which you can see here.

Here is plate HD-E: This plate has Thanksgiving images, Fall inspired images, New Year images and The three kings images.  This plates has a lot of Holiday images.

Here is plate HD-F

Here is my review and quick swatches of these beautiful plates:

You can purchase Bunny Nails Here.  She ships worldwide and has free worldwide shipping on her HD and BuNa Stamping Plates.

I really love the images and they stamp beautifully.  You can see it clearly in the video.  I can't wait to show you guys her BuNa plates A & B!  These plates have images that you can use all year round. :)

I hope you enjoyed my post!
Happy Stamping!


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