Winstonia Designer Nail Wraps: Galaxy Far Far Away

Monday, May 19, 2014

*Sent for a review
Look at these cool nail wraps from Winstonia Store.  They were so kind to send them out for me to try out!  These are their new Designer Nail Wraps called Galaxy Far Far Away:

To be honest I love them and it's the first time I try out nail wraps.  I had never applied any type of nail wraps.  I thought I was going to ruin them, but I didn't!  They are very easy to apply! Just follow the directions on the package.

Here are the steps:

1.  Clean your nails using nail polish remover/acetone.  Push back cuticle and file your nails to desired shape.

2.  Apply your favorite base coat and wait until it dries..  I applied Duri Rejuvacote. 

3.  Choose nail wrap size that fits your nails. 

4.  Peel off the chosen nail wrap from the sheet.

5.  Apply round side against cuticle.  Gently position onto nail.  Remove and re-apply for better position if necessary.  Be Careful not to re-apply too many times or nail wrap will lose it adhesive.

6.  Firmly flatten the nail wrap starting from cuticle until all bubbles are removed and nail wrap is completely flat.

7.  Use the nail file to remove excess nail wrap.  File gently in one direction with a downward motion.  

8.  Do all nails using all the step above.

9.  Apply top coat to seal and protect your nail wraps.  I used Seche Vite Top coat. 

Here is a picture of the package:

Before I go... you know me... I have to stamp! lol  I used Winstonia plate W217 and Sally Hansen Silver Sweep to add a magical unicorn to my Galaxy nails! Isn't it cute?

The package says that they are tested to last up to 14 Days.  I will be MIA for almost two weeks.  I am heading off to Orlando tomorrow and these magical galaxy nails will be my vacation mani.  I really hope they last, because I know I won't have much time to do my nails. 

I hope you guys enjoyed my post! 

Take Care & Happy Stamping! 



  1. Me gustan mucho, estos wraps son buenos. Que tengas unas lindas vacaciones!

  2. I love the idea with stamping on the nail wrap. Gorgeous!

  3. I ordered this a couple days ago and waiting impatiently!

  4. How long did they last? We're you happy with this product?