Jelly Nail Stamping Sandwich

Thursday, May 15, 2014


Today I am going to show you guys how to create this mani:

I will call it a Jelly Nail Stamping Sandwich.

What is a Jelly Polish?

It's a polish that has a translucent finish to it.  Almost looks like jello or a jelly bean.

What is a Jelly Sandwich?

It's like making a sandwich where you place your two pieces of bread and all the yummy ingredients inside. In this case your bread would be your polish.  Jelly Sandwiches are usually done with glitter but in this case you can also use nail stamping.  First you apply polish, then your stamping, a coat of polish and finish with another layer of stamping. 

It's very simple to do! Watch my video:

What did I use?

1.  Duri Rejuvacote Base Coat
2.  Colores de Carol Beach Party which you can purchase here.
3.  Cheeky Jumbo plate 2
4.  Konad white
5.  Black and White Squishy Stamper
6.  Seche Vite

I hope you guys enjoy my tutorial!

Happy Stamping!


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