Let's Talk about Black & White Squishy Stampers!

Thursday, May 15, 2014


I get so many questions about my B&W Squishy Stampers that I made two videos for you guys!  One where I explain there are many types of B&W Stampers, plus a video on how to prime them.

I personally have four stampers made out of different materials, but they all work great.  When ordering please keep in mind that you might get a different stamper, so its always better to buy a few and or from different sellers.  It never a bad idea to have too many stampers!  When you have a problem with a certain plate just switch and try a different stamper!

Here is the first video where I explain a little about B&W Stampers:

It's easy to prime a stamper!  Don't worry in a matter of minutes you will have a working stamper!  Check this video out!:

I hope you enjoyed my videos!  Have any tips you want to add?  Just add them down below! Its fun to share tips and tricks with everyone!  That's what we are here for to help each other!

Where did I purchase the stampers I mention?

I will list where I purchased them... BUT** Please keep in mind you might receive a different type of stamper.

1 & 2 STAMPERS MENTION: I purchase from SAME Ebay Seller:
3er FAVORITE STAMPER: Aliexpress: **Search for better pricing**
4th STAMPER:  Winstonia Store:

Happy Stamping!


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  1. Can you tell me which b&w stamper is the best for shrink the image? Thanks.