Mystical Mermaid Mani

Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Here is the mani I posted a few days ago on my Instagram.

Colors & Plates Used:
**Remember you can use similar colors that you already have in your stash :) or use different colors.

1.  Color Club Over The Moon
2.  Color Club Harp On It
3.  Color Club Beyond
4.  Color Club Eternal Beauty.
5.  Konad Black Special Polish
6.  Orly Coffee Break
7.  Rimmel Blue My Mind
8.  Rimmel Mintilicious
9.  Sally Hansen Cherry Red.
10.  Gals plate GA3:  image of waves
11.  Cheeky jumbo plate 8:  Mermaid and waves
12.  Cheeky jumbo plate 9 seahorse and fish
13.  Gals plate GA17 starfish
14.  Winstonia plate W106 crab
15.  Krafty Gurl Designs Gloss It! Top Coat
16.  Duri Rejuvacote Nail Growth System as my base coat.


1.  Apply your favorite base coat to all your nails.
2.  For your Ring finger:  Make a nail decal using Cheeky Jumbo plate 8.  The image is a mermaid and waves.  This is a advance nail stamping technique that is easy to do, I have two tutorials here and here.  The colors I used: Orly Coffee Break for her skin, Sally Hansen Cherry for her lips, Color Club Eternal Beauty for her hair, for the waves I used Rimmel Blue My Mind, Rimmel Mintilicious & Color Club Harp On It.  Once you have applied your decal just finish off with Top Coat.
3.  Other Nails:  I applied Color Club Over The Moon.  Wait till the polish dries before stamping.  Use Gals plate GA3 (image of waves) and stamp using two colors:  Color Club Harp On It & Color Club Beyond.
4.  For my Index finger I used Konad black and Gals plate GA17 for the starfish & Winstonia plate W106 for the crab.
5.  Middle finger use Konad Black and Cheeky jumbo plate 9 for the seahorse.
6.  Pinky use Konad Black and Cheeky jumbo plate 9 for the fish.
7.  Finish off with top coat and your done! :)

I hope you enjoyed my brief description, maybe one of these day I find the courage to make a video. 

¡Hasta Luego!


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