How To Make Nail Stamping Decals + My New Year's Mani

Tuesday, December 31, 2013


I hope you had a wonderful Christmas! I wish you a Happy New Year full of happiness, success & good health!

Today I want to share with you guys how to make nail stamping decals.  I learned this on Instagram and on YouTube.  I would love to know who started this wonderful stamping technique, but I don't know who to credit.   I will however show you how I make them.  This is much more easier than the Advance stamping technique I show here a few months back.  There is a lot of wonderful videos on YouTube on how to make them, just search for nail stamping decals.  Remember everyone does them differently, you just have to try them and see which method is right for you. :) 

This is my New Year's mani that I posted on Instagram using nail stamping decals. 

Colors:  Black- China Glaze Liquid Leather, Gold- Bettina Glamour Celebrate & Purple- Bettina Prestige. 
Nail Stamping Plates:  Gals GA-39, GA-40, Winstonia W117 & Cheeky jumbo plate 6. 
Stamping colors:  Bettina Champagne & Konad White.

I made the nail stamping decals only for the numbers, not for the Champagne glasses.  I filled in the Champagne glasses using a dotting tool and gold polish.  I could have definitely done the same with the numbers but I know I would had made a mess. lol :)

Here are the steps:

1.  Stamp the image using your favorite polish.  I used Konad Black.
2. Fill in the color of the image.  I used Bettina Prestige.  You can also use a dotting tool for this step.
3.  Here you can see the image with color. I let it dry a little before the next step.
4.  Apply a top coat over the design and let it dry.
5.  After it dries, remove carefully with tweezers. 
6.  Yay!  You have a nail stamping decal, but wait your not finish...
7.  Cut around your decal using small scissors.  Try to cut very closely and very carefully around your image. 
8.  Apply your decal on your nail.  I apply light pressure over the decal so it molds on my nail. 
9.  Finally you apply your favorite top coat.  Try to apply a thick coat and try not to reapply over the same area if it's still wet. You might smear the design.  If any area is sticking up gently push down with the brush.  Then after your first coat dries, just reapply your top coat.  :)

I really hope you enjoyed my post and that it helps you understand how to make nail stamping decals. 

Happy Stamping :)  Hasta Luego!

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  1. What is that purple pad thing you created the decal on? I mean, what co you use that you can peal the sticker off of it so easily?