Krafty Gurl Designs Gloss It! Top Coat

Sunday, February 9, 2014


I was so honored that Jeanine from, ask me to try out her new Gloss It! Top Coat.  Krafy Gurl Designs is an indie polish brand, which are hand blended with love.   I have purchase some of her beauties and they are beautiful.  My personal Favorites are:  It's A Fiesta, Totally Rad & Totally Neon. Check her site out!

This is her new Gloss It! Top Coat:

Description of Gloss It! Top Coat:

*  fast drying top coat
*  non yellowing
*  dries to a high gloss shine
*  ultraviolet resistance
*  performs amazing at drying layers
*  its 5 free!

My review and swatches:

I love trying top coats, especially for stamping.  I always say a picture is worth a thousand words, so I posted pictures for you to see this top coat in action.  This is Gloss It! over nail stamping:

Colors used:  OPI My Boyfreind Scales Walls as my base color.
1.  Index finger:  Konad Black
2.  Middle Finger: Rimmel Blue My Mind
3.  Ring Finger:  Konad Black Gold
4.  Pinky:  China Glaze Just Be-Claws

What do I look for in a top coat?

1.  Being a stampaholic the first thing I want from a top coat is that it DOESN'T smudge my nail stamping. 
2.  I love shiny nails!
3.  I want a fast drying top coat, being a mom isn't easy! :)

My thoughts about Gloss It!:

1.  Yay!  It doesn't smudge my nail stamping design.  I was amazed how well it worked with stamping.  Its very difficult to find a good top coat that works with nail stamping.  As you see in the pic above Gloss It! didn't smudge my nail stamping design.  Konad polishes smudge very easily even with the best top coat.  The top coat worked well with Konad polishes too.  I used Konad polishes on my index and ring finger.  You can see a little smudge on the index finger but it's very minimal to the naked eye.  Even with the best top coat little smudges will occur.  I am very happy that Gloss It! Works great with nail stamping. 

**Remember Krafty Gurl Designs doesn't state or claim her top coat works with nail stamping, this is my opinion, it's what I look for in a top coat.  When using a top coat on nail stamping, be generous and apply a thick coat.  Only apply over the area once, trying not to pass the brush twice over any area you previously applied the top coat.  Try to be quick and apply lightly.  If you apply too much pressure to the brush, you will smudge the design.

2.  This top coat applies evenly.  Not too thin nor too thick, just right for me.  It dries to a beautiful shine.

3.  Drying time:  I was amazed how fast it dried. 

4.  My favorite part is that is 5 free.

5.  I had no shrinkage, I had the mani below for 2 days, look at the pictures.

Here is a mani I did using Gloss It! as my top coat:

After Two Days of Wearing Gloss It! Top Coat:  *Look at the Results, you be the judge. will be selling this soon.  Follow her on Instagram @kraftygurldesigns to find out when.  Krafty Gurl Designs Ship to Puerto Rico too! :)

¡Hasta Luego!