Ikea Helmer Drawer Unit

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Yay! I can finally start blogging again! I have a new computer.  My old laptop suffered an accident.  Its actually was my fault I left my laptop unattended on the kitchen counter and my son accidently trip over the electrical cord.  The screen was partially damage.  Glad to be back!

Today I will blog about The Ikea Helmer Drawer Unit:

I finally got my hands on not one but two Helmers!!  Ikea opened a small showcase area called "El Punto de Ikea Bayamon"  in the city of Bayamon.  Its not like your typical Ikea.  There is nothing  available there to buy, you must order online and pick up later.  I am not fond of that type of concept.  I was hoping for a Ikea like the one In Orlando, Fl., but Enough ranting. 

I heard so much about these little drawers on Instagram & youtube for a long time.  I heard they are great for storing makeup and nail polish!  I wanted them for the longest and finally I got to purchase them!  I need a place to store my nail polish collection, a secret place that no one could see them! lol Just so you know, not many people know about my addition!  I really love these drawers! Its amazing how much polishes can be stored in each drawer.

Here is an estimate on how many polishes per brand can fit in each drawer:

1.  China Glaze= 75
2.  Orly=77
3.  Finger Paints= 66
4.  OPI=  66
5.  Zoya= 72
6.  Color Club=72
7.  Essie= 104
8.  Revlon Top Speed= 66
9. Bettinas= 77
10.  Sinful Colors= 77

Now the downside to this drawer is that it doesn't have that lock mechanism that holds drawers in place so when you pull on the drawer out it doesn't come out completely.  You must be very careful if you pull too hard you will pull out drawer and your polishes will fall.  It would result in tragedy!

You can find more info on Helmer here in Ikea US Site or here Ikea PR Site.   There you will find all the measurements.  I ordered online and pick them up at the Ikea Point in Bayamon.  For now I am very happy with my purchase and they fit my nail polish storage needs.  What do you think?  Do you have one? Would you purchase them? 

Hasta Luego! :)

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