Nail Stamping 101: Step #1

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Hola Stampaholics!

I hope you all enjoy this series which I will try make for you guys.  It will be all listed under my label called Stamping 101.   Tips on Stamping.   Remember I am not a professional just a gal who loves stamping. 

Step #1 Remove the thin protective plastic off your stamping plate.

This might be the Silliest Step and you may think, "Why the heck would she post this?"  Well guess what? Many people skip this step. This is a very important step.  I wanted to make this step one because many people do not know that this thin plastic even exist.  Many plates that you buy over the internet don't bring instruction manuals so skipping this step can happen.    Heck it even happens to me! lol  Recently I was going to use a plate I bought along time ago but had forgotten to take off the thin plastic.  So here I am trying and trying to stamp and nothing.  I thought that the plate was defective , but when I take a closer look I notice the Clear plastic. lol  It happens to everyone! That is why I am making this post!

Okay back to Step #1 :
Take off the thin annoying pesky protective plastic that covers your plate!

When you receive your plates they come with thin layer of plastic.  Some are blue and some are clear! Yep clear and that's when you forget to take them off! lol  These things are super glued to the plates! ha ha ha  I just take a orange stick and lightly rub on the edge and pull off the plastic film.   It might take time but do it safely some stamping plates are sharp and can cut you. Believe me it hurts!  Here are picture of my stamping plates with the different thin protective plastic on them.  You can see they come in blue and in clear.

Now that you have taken off that annoying pesky film off the plate you may now test them.  I will try to be back as soon as possible with step #2 :)  I hope you enjoyed this silly but important post!

Hasta Luego!

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