Nail Stamping 101: Stampers & Scrapers

Tuesday, March 5, 2013


I get so many questions about stamping on IG so I decided to write about stamping.   I have been stamping for almost 3 years.  I remind you that everything posted is my own opinion and I am not a professional.   I will try my best to help you guys out with stamping.

I want to start with My stampers!  My first Stamper and Scraper is the one pictured below :  Konad Stamp and Scraper.  It had been my favorite for a long long time!  Until I met someone else... lol.  I will explain later.  The clear surface makes it better to see the image.  It picks up images great.  I also use the scraper.  I know many people do not use the scraper, because they say it damages the plates.  It does leave light scratches on the plate but it has never never damage a image print.   For me it has been easier to work with the scraper and the images look way much better, but this is my opinion.  Everyone does what is best for their stamping and plates. The only con has been that polishes have stained my nail stamper. 


Then one day I decided to try the Konad Double Ended Stamper and Scraper pictured below.  As you see its still brand new.  I just couldn't let go of my first stamper.  Don't get me wrong many people love this stamper.  I have used it and it has works great but it was just much more easier for me to use my first stamper. I guess I was already accustom to handling my first stamper.  But overall it does what its suppose to. 


Finally I bought this bad boy!   I bought it on Ebay for $2.29 here is the site.  I have been trying it out for two weeks... and I am in Love! I just couldn't believe that this cheap stamper was going to work!  Its wonderful! I love it so much I just had to order another!  Its super soft and picks up the image great.  You don't have to press hard on the nail the image goes on smooth.  Its molds to your nails.  Its simply wonderful.  And the scraper works great! It leaves no scratches and I think many people would love it.  You should definitely try it out! 


These are all of my stampers and scrapers.  I clean them with 100% acetone. I recommend all of them but if I would have to chose it would be the last one.  I thought I would never leave my Konad stamper for no one! Lol Until I found him! :)  Don't get me wrong I still love my first Konad stamper and scraper and think that its a must for any stamper's collection.

Hasta Luego! :)  Until next time!


  1. I have the double-ended stamper, but I really only use the larger side... I stopped using the scraper and switched to a plastic card after I saw scratches on my plate, but I think I'll try the scraper again and see if I like it better- I was afraid to use it because I thought I was damaging my plates! Great post! :)

    1. Hi Aneela! Thank you for following me here too! :) I know it does leave marks behind like small light scratches, but it does not damage the image itself. I also have been liking the ebay black scraper pictured here! :) But definitely try it out again and compare how the images come out! I honestly think the metal scraper works better. However I do not recommend using the cheap pink stamper and metal scraper they sell on Ebay those DO damage the plates. The Konad scraper in my opinion work the best! :) Thanks you for commenting!

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