Van Volky: Using MoYou stamping plates

Friday, July 11, 2014


Here are my Van Volky nails!  Created especially for my husband who loves VW's especially the old Volky vans and beetles.  He just recently purchased some new MoYou stamping plates for me! :) 

I was surprise on how quickly they arrived.  I ordered the 4th of July and received them today the 11th of July.  I ordered them on their MoYou site

My Van Volky Nails:

What did I use for my index and ring finger?

1.  Mundo de unas #11 Yellow
2. MDU #4 Blue
3. MDU #52 Lemon Tree
4.  MDU #32 Reddish
5.  MoYou Back to the 60's plate 01
6.  Rica Whiteout
7.  Seche vite

What did I use for my thumb, middle finger & ring finger?

1.  Rica Whiteout
2.  MoYou Mother Nature Collection plate 08 for background stamping
3.  MoYou Back to the 60's plate 01 for Van Volky Decal
4.  MDU #32 Reddish
5.  Color Club Harp on it
6.  Sally Hansen Silver Sweep
7.  Rica Whiteout
8.  Seche Vite top coat

It really take a while to create them.  I hope with my video you understand how I created them:

Where to purchase MoYou?
Amazon or

Where to purchase MDU?

Where to purchase Rica Whiteout?

I hope you guys enjoyed my video!

Please take care & Happy Stamping!


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