Pueen Plates 2013 Love Elements

Monday, May 6, 2013


When I heard that Pueen Cosmetics where going to launch new stamping plates I was very excited! I knew that I just had to have them.  I have their first Collection Pueen 2013 Sumptuous Gallery and love them.  The majority are all full nail designs which I personally love!   The first Collection has 25 plates but this one has 24 plates.  Each plate measures about 1.8" (5.5 cm in diameter).  Also all Pueen Stamping plates now come with a cute little case for easy storage and great size to carry with you!  The Case is sturdy and comes in different colors.  The plastic sleeves are flimsy, but they do serve their purpose. I wish my first set of Pueen included the small case, but at the time I purchased them they did not include it. Here is the pic of the case:

You can purchase these plates on Pueen Cosmetics site , Amazon here, or Ebay here .  These plates are beautiful.  They are well etched and have a protective backing.  If Pueen continues to make more collections I will continue to buy them! I really love the quality of these plates.  Here are some plates and manicures I have done with this set.

1.  Plate Pueen 49
Base Color:  China Glaze Fancy Pants            Base Color:  China Glaze Creative Fantasy
Stamping Color:  Essie Penny Talk           Stamping Color:  Essie Good As Gold

2.  Plate Pueen 44

Base Colors:  Orly Snowcone &  China Glaze
White on White.  Stamping Colors:
 Sally Hansen Blue it & Cherry Red 

        Base Color:  China Glaze White on white
   Stamping color:  Sinful Colors Black on Black

3.  Pueen 39

Base Color:  China Glaze Snap My dragon
Stamping Color:  Sinful Black on Black

4. Pueen 28

Base Color:  China Glaze Budding Romance &
China Glaze Graffiti Glitter
Stamping Color:  Sinful colors Black on Black

What do you think?  Will you purchase them?  Let me know in the comments below!

Hasta Luego!


  1. they are in my basket on amazon. can't wait to get them. great post. thanks

  2. Oh my goodness! New Pueen plates?! I am in heaven!! I have the first set and they are the best plates I own, I can't wait to get hold of these new ones!! xx