Ejiubas Wonder Of Life Set Nail Stamping Plates

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

*Press Sample

Today I will be showing another set from Ejiubas. Ejiubas is located in Las Vegas, Nevada and their warehouse is located in CA.  They were founded in 2013,  and devote themselves to create unique products in the area of beauty, makeup and personal care.  They just recently release two Stamping Sets.  Their Holiday Set and Wonders Of Life Set.

In this post I will show you their Wonders Of Life Set. 

Quick Facts:

1.  Double Sided Stamping Plates:  One Side has regular size images and the other a fully engraved stamping plate.
2.  Plate Measurement:  8cm x 14cm
3. Measurement of Square images:  1.5cm x 2cm
4.  Stainless Steel Plates with sanded down edges.
5.  Comes with a clear protected film.  *Don't forget to remove it.
6.  Deeper Etching comparing to other brands.

Here is a review I posted on my YouTube Channel:

Close-up of plates and swatches:
As you can see they stamp beautifully.  With this set I notice that when you use Mundo De Uñas polish or any stamping polish you will have to let it set on the stamper a few seconds and then apply to your nail.  If not you WILL do not smudge the image.  These plates have a slightly deeper etching comparing to other brands. When using a regular polish (like I did in the first review)  It wasn't that noticeable, but now using a stamping polish it is.  You are left with more polish on the stamper and the stamping polish will smudge if applied too quickly.  This tends to happen with certain stamping plates, especially the ones that are etched deeper.  Just let the polish slightly dry on the stamper and then apply.  I hope that makes sense.  If you have any questions, just leave me a comment.

There are several links to purchase these plates. At the moment of this post, the sets cost $15.99.
Here are the links:

1.  Amazon *Special 20% Code:  2LP994YV

 2.  Wish *Worldwide *No Discount Support, you need to have an wish account

3.  http://www.ejiubas.com/ *Worldwide

It's so wonderful to see so many different brands of stamping plates nowadays.  I hope you enjoyed my post! Let me know what you think about this collection!

Happy Stamping!
Love, Swanette


  1. Too funny! I just did a blog post and listed your link for the "Ew...Brains" stamping tutorial. I love watching you videos on you tube. I glad you have a blog as well. Lee

  2. How do you remove the paint from the pads? Can u use Polish remover?