Nail Stamping Tips

Thursday, June 11, 2015


Nail Stamping is quite difficult at first.  We all go thru it, but I can share some tips I have learn along the way!  I hope these tips are helpful.

Here is my video:

The nail stamper is the most important tool in nail stamping.  It is like finding the love of your life, you might have to go thru a few until you find the one that's right for you!

Remember not everyone like the same type of stamper.  There are different firmness to them:  Squishy, Sticky, firm and Combination.  You really do have to try them out for yourself to figure out which one is right for you.

It's actually fun to try out different stampers and wonderful to have them.  It is important to love your stamper, love the way it feels in your hands and of course love the way it stamps.  There are so many different nail stampers out there today and the majority stamp beautifully.  It just comes down to a personal preference. 

Here are some stampers that work beautifully:

1.  Winstonia Black White Stamper:
Winstonia STore

2.  Born Pretty Store Square Stamper:
Born Pretty Store

3. Magno Nail Stamper *International Seller
Dashica Beauty Shop

4.  Creative Shop Stamper:
International -
 USA -
 UK -
 AU -

5.  FabUrNails Stampers: *I haven't tried this one, but I heard its good and seen great reviews.
FabUrNails Store

6.  You can also find great cheap stampers at: *Remember to read the reviews/feedback.

How to Prime Your Stamper:

You purchase a new stamper... Now What?!

In the video I gave you some tips.  There are many ways to prime a stamper, these are just the way I have personally done them. 

Tips on Priming your stamper:

1.  First, Don't do anything to the nail stamper.... Try it out first! You might get lucky and no priming is needed.

2.  Wash your stamper with soap and water.  Use regular dishwashing liquid.  Next, try your stamper out!  If it still doesn't stamp, try the next step.

3.  Give your stamper a good massage with a cotton ball saturated with acetone.  I use Pure Acetone.  Don't worry, it will not damage your stamper.  Try it out and if needed repeat the process.  *Most of the time you will get your stamper to work.  Stop here and your stamper is ready to use! Yay!  If not you can go on to the next step, but at your own risk.

4. File your stamper.  Do not use files that are meant for acrylic nails... they will damage your stamper!  Use a natural nail file.  I demonstrated one in the video.  Use the smoothest side.  It's the side you can hardly feel the grit to it.  Be careful with certain nail buffers, some have a harder grit and can damage your stamper.  Take your time to just simply buff your stamper with love.  Remember lightly buff your stamper.  Then try it out.  It should work if done properly. 

5.  I have notice that new stampers don't need to be primed using the filing method.  So repeat steps 2-3 a few times before making the decision to prime with a file.  Filing if not done properly can damage your stamper and leave scratches on your stamper.  Be careful!

How to Stamp?

Everyone stamps differently.  There is no right way nor wrong way in nail stamping.  You just have to figure out which way is the best for you.  In the video I demonstrate different way to stamp, try them all out!

Simple Tips:

1.  Be quick... Very important
In the video I mention you should have all your tools nearby when your stamping, this saves time.  Try to figure out the time it takes to stamp.  Remember every polish is different, each have a different drying time.  Don't stamp near a fan, air conditioner or open window.

2.  Swipe lightly.... not hard. 
Without knowing it you will remove polish from the image making it impossible to pick up your image completely.  This takes a lot of practice, but don't worry you will get it!

3.  Swipe in different directions. 
This can really help if you're having a trouble picking up an image.  Change the direction of your scraper.

4. How to Pick up Image: Push or Roll on. 
Try both ways to figure out which one you like the best!

5.  How to Stamp on the Nail:  Press or Roll. 
I usually like to roll, but to center images I push down on the stamper.  This is another personal preference. Try both ways out!

6.  Have Fun! The most important rule!
Don't get frustrated if something goes wrong, laugh at your mistakes! Keep on practicing because practice makes perfect.  Try new techniques!

I hope you enjoyed my post!  Any tip you will like to add, leave me a comment.  I know many readers will appreciate it!  You're welcome to share tips!

Happy Stamping!
Love, Swanette


  1. Hi Swanette, I just wanted to say that greate information/explanation about how to get a better use of a nail stamper. =D

    1. Thank you so much! I really hope it was helpful. Have a great day!

  2. This is a fantastic stamping resource, thank you Swanette! Stamping is my favourite technique and I recently bought a Creative Shop stamper. I really struggled to get it to pick up a first, but eventually I realised I was pressing down too hard on the plate and that a squishy stamper is quite sticky so it picks up with much less pressure than the Konad stamper I had used previously. It worked perfectly once I understood that! I appreciated your tip about scraping lightly, some of the difficulties I was experiencing make sense now, so thank you! :)

    1. Hi! Thank you so much for your comment. I am so glad you enjoyed my post. Stamping is so much fun! It takes time to learn the tricks, but as you see you will get them. There is so many new things to learn with nail stamping! The important thing is to have fun! :)