Bundle Monster 2013 "Create Your Own " Nail Stamping Plate Collection

Saturday, November 23, 2013


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I am super excited to received my Bundle Monster plates! Yay!  Bundle Monster release new plates for this year called, "Create Your Own" Collection.  They hosted a contest a few months back to let fans submit their own stamping creations so they could create this awesome collection.  I have to admit I love the idea and the images are beautiful.  I congratulate everyone that participated in the making of these plates.  :) 

Here are the plates:

Below are some manis I created with these beautiful plates. 

I used:
1.  China Glaze Don't make Me Wine on All Fingers except ring finger. 
2.  China Glaze Scandalous Shenanigans and China Glaze Mosaic madness on ring finger.
3.  BM-403
4.  Stamping Color:  China Glaze Scandalous Shenanigans

I used:
1.  Bettina Jeans over Dyed for my Base Color.
2.  BM-415
3.  Konad White special polish

I used:
1.  Zoya Tomoko
2. BM-412
3.  Konad Black Special polish

I used:
1.  Gradient nails using: (cutical to tip) Zoya Godiva, Zoya Stevie & Zoya London Pixiedust.
2. BM-418
3.  WetnWild Black Crème.

They are super fun and stamp beautifully.  You can purchase them on Bundle Monster site here

Hasta Luego!

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