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Monday, November 12, 2012

Hola amigos!

First Lets introduce you to the fabulous beauties I used in this manicure and they are:

1.  Orly Shockwave which is part of Orly Electronica Fall 2012 Collection
2.  China Glaze Some Like It Haute from the China Glaze Eye Candy 3D 2011 Holiday Collection
3.  Orly Atomic Splash from the Orly Flash Glam FX Collection
4.  Revlon 860 Metallic
5.  Nail Stamping Plate KD 3


1.  Apply your favorite base coat.
2.  Apply Orly Shockwave to all nails except your ring finger.
3.  For your ring finger apply China Glaze Some Like It Haute.
4.  Also applied a coat of Orly Atomic Splash over China Glaze Some Like It Haute cause we love bling! :) 
5.  After applying the coats desired let it dry.  I mean completely dry.  Because you are going to stamp hearts and we don't want ruin our design.
6.  I used Revlon 860 Metallic for stamping and my nail plate KD 3.
7.  Now start stamping hearts over Orly Shockwave.
8.  Then when your finish apply your favorite Top Coat.
9.  And There you have it!  This beauty is born. 

Remember Practice makes Perfect! ;)

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