Lina Nail Art Supplies Stamping Plates Featuring the Blank Image to Create Gradients

Saturday, January 28, 2017

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I hope you're having a great day! Today I received 2 new plates from Lina Nail Art Supplies.   However I have never posted about Lina Nail Art Supplies on my Blog, so I decided to show you all my Lina Nail Art plates in this post.  I am trying my best to blog more this year. I hope you enjoy!

In this post I will be featuring their brand new plate Make Your Mark 3, which features a fun and cool image.  It's a blank image to create gradients.  Can you image... you can create a gradient without a sponge... fun right?! Amazing! You can see how it's done, down below, on my second YouTube video.

Lina Nail Art Supplies is located in New Orleans, Louisiana.  They are a fairly new Indie nail stamping brand, they started in October 2016, and have been creating quite a buzz in the nail stamping community.  Their plates feature unique images and they stamp beautifully.  

More Quick Facts:

1.  Stainless Steel Plates
2.  Plate size: 9.5 x 14.5 cm
3.  Sticker backing with their logo.
4.  Full nail image size: 1.7 x 2.2 cm
5.  Transparent protective film to protect plates.  Don't forget to remove them before nail stamping.
6.  Comes in a cute cardboard sleeve to protect and store them.

This is my first YouTube Review. October 2016:
*First press release.

In this review I show and swatch these plates:

Feeling Shapely! 01

Feeling Shapely! 02

In Motion 02

Make Your Mark 02

Here is My NEW YouTube Review Featuring Their New Plates January 2017: 
*This one features Make Your Mark 03.

In this review I show and swatch these 2 NEW plates:

All About Love 01

Make Your Mark 03

Make Your Mark 03 has a special feature I mentioned in my YouTube Video above.  You can create beautiful gradients with it!  Gradients without using a sponge!  Super fun idea.  It definitely takes a lot of practice, but I won't give up until I have mastered it! :)

Gradient Tips Using The Blank Image:

1.  Apply polish completely over the image.
2. Gently swipe.  Try not to apply too much pressure, or you will remove polish from the plate.
3. Swipe a few times to blend the colors together.
4. Practice, Practice and Practice! I am still practicing! lol
5. Have fun! Try out a lot of color combinations! :)

Here are two manicures I created using the new Make Your Mark 03 plate:
*I used the gradient feature in both manicures.

Base colors: Colorina HD Magnetic Silver, Bettina Black Hole & Galaxy. 
Stamping polish: Messy Mansion Sterling

Base Colors: B.Loves Plates/Colour Alike B a Fuchsia Flash, 
B. an Electric Orange & B.a Yellow Glow.
Stamping Polishes: Messy Mansion Blue You a Kiss and Colorina Black.

As you can see these plates stamp beautifully. They are high quality plates. Superb etching & Fun images for everyone. Check out their social medias, and follow them, they have so many plates to choose from.

Lina Nail Art Supplies Social Media:

Here is a special code for you! *It is not an affiliate code and has limited amount of uses.

Happy Stamping!
Love, Swanette


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