Bundle Monster Weekend Warrior and Star Slinger Nail Stamping Polishes

Friday, May 6, 2016

Hi everyone!

My blog has been very neglected and I want to try to get it up to date with swatches of stamping plates and stamping polishes.  Remember you can see all my work on my YouTube Channel or Instagram.

Today I will show you close-ups of Bundle Monster's stamping polishes:  The Weekend Warrior Collection and The Star Slinger Collection.  Plus a comparison between the two collections.

First Up:  The Weekend Warrior

B152 El Dorado

B153 Rose Garden

B154 Teepee Flipping

B155 Gobi You

B156  Empire Club

B157 Astronomical

Swatches side by side

Here is my YouTube review of these stamping polishes:

Next:  Star Slinger Collection

B158 Psychedelic Stereo

B159 Quasar

B160 E-Tronica

B161 Opus One

B162 Cosmic Latte

B163 Lunar Lines

Swatches side by side

Here is my YouTube review of these stamping polishes:

Finally:  A comparison of both collections:

Star Slinger: Cosmic Latte & Weekend Warrior: Astronomical

SS: Opus One & WW: Empire Club

SS:  E-Tronica & WW: Gobi You

SS:  Quasar & WW: Rose Garden

SS: Psychedelic & WW: Teepee Flipping

SS: Lunar Lines  & WW: El Dorado

I hope you enjoyed this quick blog post.  As you can see they stamp beautifully! I am very impressed by theses latest nail stamping polishes from Bundle Monster.  What do you think?

You can purchase Bundle Monster products at:

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Star Slinger Set: http://amzn.to/21G1q1b
Weekend Warrior Set: Out of stock

Site:  http://www.bundlemonster.com/
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YT:  https://www.youtube.com/user/bundlemonster
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Happy Stamping!
Love, Swanette


  1. Hello, just wanted to quickly say that I love you designs. I am just getting into stamping and was wondering: is there specific polishes that you need to use to stamp with? Can you use any nail polish to stamp? Thank you!

  2. Hi! Thank you! I really do recommend that you have at least one good black and one good white stamping polishes, as these are the ones that you will use the most. Look at Konad, Mundo de Uñas, Messy Mansion, Bundle Monster has a great Black stamping polish, but the white is too thin in my opinion. Stamping polishes will definitely make your life easier. These two set from Bundle Monster are the best stamping polishes they offer. Let me add you can use regular nail polishes, just look for polishes that are very thick and opaque. I hope I was helpful. Happy Stamping!