Chelle We Stamp? Jumbo Nail Stamper Review

Tuesday, September 1, 2015


I hope you're having a wonderful day! I just recently reviewed a new brand called: Chelle We Stamp? on my YouTube Channel.  Thank you Michelle for sending me these products to review.

Quick Facts about: Chelle We Stamp?

1.  A new brand that sells very soft and squishy stampers of different sizes.
2.  Just recently open their online shop:  Click here
3.  Located in the United States

Here is my YouTube review on her two Jumbo Stampers: I hope you enjoy!

Swatches of each Stamper:

Marshmallow Jumbo Stamper

Jelly Jumbo Stamper

Stampers side by side.
Jelly and Marshmallow.

Facts about the Jumbo Stampers:

1.  Both are squishy, soft and sticky.
2.  The marshmallow stamper is more softer and squishier than the Jelly.
3.  The jelly stamper is firmer than the Marshmallow, but it is not a firm stamper.  It is soft and squishy.
4.  Both require practice on how to use.  Apply light pressure over the stamping plate and roll.  Do not stamp to hard because the image will not pick up correctly.
5.  They are delicate stampers.
6.  Measurements on the holder: 3.5cm

Quick Tips on How to use your Chelle We Stamp Stampers: Tips given from the owner.

1.  When you receive the stampers, let them rest or sit out before using them.  Remember we all live in different climates and this step is very important to do so.  This should even be done with nail polishes.
2.  Try your stampers out, they might or might Not need priming.  If they do need priming, DO NOT USE A NAIL FILE, simply give it a swipe with cotton ball & acetone.  Repeat the process if needed.
3.  They are delicate stampers, Clean up with a lint roller.
4.  Always store them away in a container after each use.
5.  Handle them with care.
6.  You only have to stamp lightly with them.  No need for using pressure.

My opinion:

They stamp beautifully.  As any new stamper it takes some practice to learn how to use them.  They are very delicate stampers and must be handle with care.  Gently stamp with them.  If you love soft squishy stampers then these stampers might be for you.  If you enjoy a much more firmer stamper then they will not be for you.  Keep in mind everyone enjoys a different kind of stamper.  It is just a matter of preference. 

Chelle We Stamp? Social Medias:
1.  Store
2.  Facebook
3.  Instagram

I hope you enjoyed my post.  What do you think about these stampers?  Do you own them?  If so let me know.  I would love to read your comments.

Happy Stamping!

Love, Swanette


  1. What plate did you use for these swatches? It looks amazing!

  2. What plate did you use for these swatches? It looks amazing!