Colorina Hologram Effect Collection

Sunday, March 8, 2015

*Press Sample

I hope you're having a wonderful day!  I am so excited because a local nail polish brand sent me some beautiful polishes to review and use in my videos.  The Puerto Rican brand is Colorina Nail Lacquer.  They have been selling their beautiful polishes here in Puerto Rico for 3 years and have over 300 colors to choose from.

Today I have 6 of their Hologram Effect Polishes to show you.  This collection currently has 12 polishes.  They are beautiful holographic polishes.  Even though the holo goodness is not visible in the bottle they are definitely visible on the nail. 

Here is my video review:

Here are 6 colors mention in this video:

1.  Colorina 01 Black:  Video

2.  Colorina 03 Gold:  Video

3.  Colorina 05 L.Pink:  Video

4.  Colorina 06 Ocean Blue:  Video

5.  Colorina 08 Silver:  Video

6.  Colorina 04 Sky Blue:  Video

To really appreciate these polishes in all their holo glory is under direct sunlight.  They are beautiful.  I am so excited to see a Puerto Rico Brand selling Holographic polishes.  What do you guys think?

Here are their social media Links:
Colorina Nail Lacquer Site
Colorina Nail Lacquer Face Book Page.
Colorina Nail Lacquer YouTube
Colorina Instagram.

I hope you guys enjoyed the my post!

Happy Stamping!

Love, Swanette


  1. I was so excited when I first saw these on their social media. Pero todavia no los he encontrado, he buscado en el Walmart de Cayey y el de Caguas y no los tienen. Se ven hermosos.

    1. Hola! Si todavia no estan disponibles en Walmart. :( Estan disponible son en algunos Beauty Supplies. Se que Pepe Ganga o Emotion Beauty Supply los venden. Intenta buscarlos En Pepe Ganga que hay uno en Caguas. :) Tambien le puedes preguntar al ellos en su Instagram o Facebook. :) They are really beautiful in person you will love them! :)

  2. Great job on the swatches, they polishes look amazing :)

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