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Monday, April 3, 2017

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I hope you're doing great! Let's take a look at Bundle Monster's newest stamping polish collection.  This is the Whatever Forever Collection.

Whatever Forever has six pastel cream shades. Each bottle has 13ml.  You can purchase them in a set or individually.  Let's take a look at each shade and swatches. 

1. Babe Magnet:
Pastel pink shade.

Swatches of Babe Magnet.
This shade is visible over black, not much over white.  This shade 
stamps very similar to Yummy Gummy.  See side to side comparison below.

2. LOL:
A Custard Yellow Shade.

Swatches of LOL.
This shade stamps beautifully over the different bases.

3.  Boo-Ya!
Light Peach Shade.

Swatches of Boo-Ya!
This shade stamps beautifully over the different bases.  I love it over brown. 

4.  Yummy Gummy
A pale purple shade.

Swatches of Yummy Gummy
This shade is very similar to Babe Magnet.  It is very difficult to tell them apart
when swatched over black.  See side to side comparison below.

5.  Clarissa Blue:
Baby Blue Shade.

Swatches of Clarissa Blue.
This shade stamped beautifully over black and is visible over white.
However it does seem light over the brown base.  Maybe it wasn't the best base to stamp over with.

6.  Rocko Wear:
A Mint Green Shade.

Swatches of Rocko Wear.
This shade stamp beautifully over the different bases.

Swatches over black & White.
You can see that Babe Magnet and Yummy Gummy are the least visible over white.

Swatches over black.
They did a nice job stamping over black.  I just think that Babe Magnet and 
Yummy Gummy seem so similar.  What do you think?

These are very delicate and light shades. I think they work the best over dark bases.

  • My favorites are Boo-ya! and Lol.  Very lovely shades that stamped beautifully. 
  • Next in line has to be Rocko Wear and Clarissa Blue.
  • My least favorite shades are Babe Magnet and Yummy Gummy. They are not visible over white and when swatched over black they are very hard to tell apart.  They are almost identical. They both look like a pale purple.
You can use these polishes for nail stamping, for filling your decals with color or you can even used them as a base.  

Before I finish my post I want to share my YouTube Video Review.  
I hope you enjoy!:

I hope you enjoyed my post! What do you think about this collection? I can't wait to to read your comments!

You can find this collection at Bundle Monster.

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Happy Stamping!

Love, Swanette

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